06 Jan
Low Tide Tasty Day – A Success!

End of May Bank Holiday was a Scorcher!

Sailing Basics

Over the Saturday and Sunday we taught 13 Cadets from 8 to 15 the basics of sailing.

Shore Based Tution

The light winds and shallow water made it ideal for absolute beginners to be out on their own in the Toppers practicing low speed tacking and Gybing.

Waiting for the Wind

We are organsing Follow On Weekends for July and August.

Sat 16 July start 2pm
Sun 17 July start 3pm

Sat 13 Aug start 2 pm
Sat 14 Aug start 2pm

Dry Land Demo

Woodburn Boys

Dry Demo


Yasmin and April


Alasdair and Andrew

Alasdair and Austin

Autin and Oscar

Capsize Training


James and Cadets


Low water Channel